Contract Manufacturing

Essential Wholesale & Labs, located in the Pacific Northwest, is a premium skin and hair care manufacturer. We have a well-equipped lab with experienced formulators and aestheticians, ready to work with you to create custom products that inspire you and your customers. Our commitment to clean and sustainable beauty means that your products will stand out from the competition.

We focus on quality, sustainability, and science-backed formulas to create effective clean beauty.
  • Try samples of stock products, define goals, and complete a Request for Services (RFS).

  • Connect with an Account Manager to define your requirements and best options. Work with an experienced formulator to begin development.

  • Test prototypes until you have the perfect product that meets your budget, ingredient requirements, and more.

  • We’ll package, label, and ship your new products to you or a location of your choice.


Custom Formulating

Start from scratch with a unique formula designed exclusively for you

Semi-Custom Formulating

Use one of our stock products and customize with additives such as scenting oils 

Custom Filling & Labeling

We fill and label with customer-provided packaging and labels

Who We Are & What We Can Do For You

At Essential we have decades of experience developing custom formulas and improving existing products to ensure they meet the highest standards.

We provide assistance in product development, including product formulation, packaging and labeling to assure your products are safe and stable. We have aestheticians and certified cosmetic formulators on staff, and an experienced production team that can handle all types of scale-up challenges. All our staff, both production and administrative, are in one place, and this means that your Account Manager has a full understanding of your product at every stage of the process.

We offer a wide range of services from concept and product planning to finished products - all handled within our FDA Registered and cGMP-compliant facility by our experienced professional staff. Essential's manufacturing process meets USDA Certified Organic and Oregon Tilth standards and we can work with you to help earn those seals for your products.

All our products are Leaping Bunny certified and we can help you gain this certification too.

We believe effective, beautiful skin and hair care can produce real results for everyone, without damaging the planet.

We’d love to help you achieve your goals together and build a lasting relationship!

FEES Learn More...

Your product will enter development and testing in the lab, where depending on your project needs, cost and prototype quantities will vary.


Some of our common product development fees are:

  • Scenting a stock product at a set percentage: $199 scenting fee in addition to product and scenting oil cost. There is a 5 gallon minimum for non-custom product orders and you can start this process by contacting our customer service team at or 1-866-252-9639.

All other product development or modification orders are handled with an Account Manager, determined after review of process with the Business Development Team.

  • Scenting a stock product with 3 prototypes at light, medium, and heavy scenting rates: $199.
  • Semi-Custom Formulation (3 rounds in the lab) making 1-3 “simple” ingredient adjustments in an existing Essential stock product: $2100.
  • Full Custom Formulation (5 rounds in the lab) making 1-5 from-scratch prototypes to end up with exactly what you want. Most people need fewer than 5 rounds but if you need more, we can accommodate that.


Our relationships with our customers are of critical importance. We strive to foster open communication and understanding with each client, so we can anticipate and meet each other’s needs.

For customers, this can mean goal setting, ordering with enough time in advance, and understanding the ins and outs of shipping.
For Essential, this means creating the perfect prototype, adapting to specific packaging and labeling needs, and delivering your product on time and on budget.

We love our customers and it’s our favorite thing when we can grow with them as their businesses prosper. We have worked with brands who started with nothing more than an idea and helped them grow into million-dollar companies that are stocked in major retailers like Sephora and Target. We’d love to help you meet your goals, no matter how large or small.

FACILITY Learn More...

Essential Wholesale & Labs is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with two large buildings that house our temperature-controlled warehouse, our formulation lab, full production and QC facilities, along with our entire office staff. We occupy over 70,000 sq ft and benefit from Portland’s excellent, clean water from the Bull Run Reservoir. Our large solar panel array covers much of our roof, generating 450KwH of clean electricity as part of our commitment to sustainability.
Our facility has earned USDA Certified Organic status, and we are strict followers of FDA guidelines and adhere to cGMP.

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