Rotation Medical Campaign

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open quotation marks close quotation marks Our public relations campaign with Merryman Communications not only helped increase awareness about our Bioinductive Implant for rotator cuff repair, but it also drove patients to early adopters. Among these physicians, we saw a 96 percent increase in cases in three months following local market media stories.

Martha Shadan
President & CEO, Rotation Medical (until acquisition by Smith & Nephew)

Rotator cuff injuries are the most common source of shoulder pain and disability, affecting more than 4 million Americans annually. A rotator cuff injury can greatly reduce quality of life, as it makes daily activities painful and difficult, but traditional rotator cuff repair requires a lengthy and painful recovery process. Rotation Medical developed a new technology that biologically heals the rotator cuff tendon through the induction of new tissue growth. The Bioinductive Implant provides a range of potential benefits, including faster recovery, shorter rehabilitation, and decreased risk of a subsequent injury. Rotation Medical enlisted Merryman Communications to drive awareness and adoption of the implant. (The company was later acquired by Smith & Nephew.)

To create momentum at orthopedic centers using the new technology, Merryman Communications used the PESO model, leveraging paid, earned, shared and owned media:

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Mat Release & Video
Distributed a mat release and video focused on the success story of a patient – a professional fisherwoman who had been sidelined by rotator cuff issues.

Social Media
Used the Facebook page to leverage media placements via geotargeted paid content.

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Social Media
Created and managed LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to provide updates of interest to targeted surgeons and investors, and a more patient-oriented Facebook page to provide updates on the rotator cuff system and share regional media coverage.

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Created a public relations toolkit for early adopters to use locally; it included a template news release, bylined article, newsletter article, web copy, infographics, social media posts and more.

Local Media Outreach
Conducted local media outreach to generate reporter interest.

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Developed and leveraged compelling patient success stories across all activities and channels.

Results by the Numbers


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segments and articles

37 million

New patient inquiries:
"We received a barrage of calls immediately following the article."


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146 million
site visitors


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people reached


link clicks

Key Success Factors:

  • In addition to leveraging that this was a new treatment for a common problem, having a physician champion and interesting patient story were key components needed to generate local media interest
  • Paid geo-targeted social media posts and sponsored media placements enabled us to extend the reach of our earned media results