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open quotation marks close quotation marks The Knee Pain News blog made a measurable impact on our clinical trial recruitment efforts by driving traffic to our corporate and clinical trial websites, as well as calls to our clinical trial screening center. It was one important part of a comprehensive campaign and we can't thank the Merryman Communications team enough for all their efforts to help enroll our two clinical trials.

Adam Klyce
Vice President of Marketing & Clinical Operations
Active Implants

Knee Pain News: A Blog to Point Patients to Potential Relief

Active Implants developed the first "artificial meniscus" that was being evaluated in two clinical trials as a treatment option to help reduce knee pain while delaying or avoiding a total knee replacement. As part of a comprehensive clinical trial recruitment campaign, Merryman Communications created a blog called "Knee Pain News" to promote the trials, improve SEO results and create interesting content to share on social media to further engagement.

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Creating the Blog

We created a calendar of blog posts designed to reach potential candidates at three stages in the decision-making process:

  • Awareness of the implant and clinical trials.
  • Consideration to participate.
  • Decision to call or go online to be screened.

The blog frequently utilized real patient success stories, along with BuzzFeed-style listicles to address common concerns and searches relative to the patient demographic. Information about the clinical trials was included in many of the posts, while others were purely informational with useful and interesting information about knee pain. All were optimized for SEO and many included a call to action (including link) to visit the clinical websites.

Each post was shared on the company's social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as a separate Knee Pain Trial Facebook page, to encourage engagement and further drive traffic to the company's website. Select posts were sponsored via the Knee Pain Trial Facebook page using interest, lifestyle and geotargeting in the markets where the clinical trials were underway.

Read the Blog.

An SEO and Social Success

Knee Pain News increased website traffic, organic search traffic and social media engagement. Website views and organic search traffic to both the corporate and clinical trial websites increased by 100-300 percent. The blog drove people to the website who would otherwise have never heard of Active Implants or its artificial meniscus, and provided the company with ongoing content that could be re-purposed for social media posts, advertorials and other PR materials. Sample comments from Facebook posts from the blog include:

  • "Amazing bit of tech!"
  • "As one of the first in Louisiana to receive one; I can't say enough good things!! I love my new knee!"
  • "Any trials in the FT Worth area?"

Many people also tagged a friend with their name as a way of sharing news of the studies.

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Key Success Factors:

  • We created a content calendar to ensure that fresh content would be posted on a regular basis and be available to leverage on social channels.
  • We optimized each post for SEO using a minimum of three commonly searched keywords in the headline, URL and body copy.