Our Services

Essential Wholesale & Labs is a premium skin and hair care product manufacturer. We sell responsibly-sourced ingredients, stock base products to use as-is or modify, and have a lab to create custom products exclusively for you.

There are many ways to mix and match services, some with no minimum order quantity at all (like ingredients and stock products) and custom formulations with set minimums. We’re confident we have the product you’re looking for and if not, our experienced staff are delighted to help you make your dream a reality with custom formulation.

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Here’s an overview of our services:

Premium Ingredients - Responsibly sourced & no minimum quantities

We have a huge array of ingredients for skin and hair care products, reasonably priced and of premium quality. We are rigorous in our sourcing and find the most sustainable and high quality products available. There are no minimum order quantities for ingredients.


Stock Bases and Finished Goods - Unique & reliable formulas ready for your personal touch

Our experienced formulators have created an impressive catalog of almost every skin and hair care product you and your customers might need. We have scented and unscented bases available with no minimum order quantity, so you’re free to buy for just your household or as part of your established brand.

Many of our customers purchase these stock products and, through inspired branding and sometimes additional ingredients, make them their own.


Ready to Label Stock Products - Retail-sized multipacks waiting for your label

This is the easiest way to quickly enter the market: 6- or 12-packs of retail-sized products that are awaiting your labels. These packs include some of our best sellers and are a great way to start small and try out a new market (or give as party favors, free samples, etc.).


Semi-Custom - Start with an existing stock product and make minor changes

This is a great way to customize a proven product with your own special touch. This includes modifying a scent with essential or fragrance oils, or adding or subtracting just one or two “simple” ingredients (this does not cover changing the preservative or emulsification system, for example).


Custom Filling & Packaging - We’ll fill and label stock or custom products for you

We’ll save you the hassle and fill your supplied containers, label them accurately with your specific labels, and prepare them for shipment, including Amazon.com kitting. You supply the packaging and labels.


Full Custom - Work with our lab for a unique product designed just for you

Our experienced certified cosmetic formulators and aestheticians are here to work with you to create your dream product. We develop custom formulas and improve existing products to help you and your brand stand out. We offer a wide range of services from concept and product planning to finished products - all handled within our FDA Registered and cGMP-compliant facility by our experienced professional staff. Essential's manufacturing process meets USDA Certified Organic and Oregon Tilth standards and we can work with you to help earn those certifications for your products.

We’d love to help you achieve your goals together and build a lasting relationship!


Included with Fully Custom & Filling Services - Label Compliance Reviews and Certification Assistance
(Leaping Bunny, USDA Certified Organic via Oregon Tilth, etc.)

If you work with us to create a custom product, or we handle filling for you, we can review your labels for FDA compliance before you print your labels. If your products qualify for organic certification and/or Leaping Bunny (Cruelty-Free) Essential Wholesale & Labs will assist you with necessary steps to complete the required applications.