Where Do I Start?

There are many options to get started with Essential, and we understand it can be hard knowing where to start. Here is what we recommend to most customers:


Step 1: Determine Your Goals

Determine your goals. Are you ready to start a skin or hair care company? Excellent! You’ve come to the right place. Now it’s time to identify your target audience, understand your budget and timelines, and carefully consider just how custom your products need to be to meet your brand identity.

If you’re here just for yourself and want to buy in bulk, we’ve got you covered! Buying in bulk is a great way to be more sustainable and keep the shopping list short.


Step 2: Order Samples

No matter your goals, we suggest you order samples of a few different stock products. Keep in mind that many of our stock products that you’ll see on the website are unscented or designed to be a base product. An easy way to get some favorite samples is to try our “Best Of” pack--10 great sample-sized products in one place to save on the guesswork.


Step 3: Make It Your Own (Or Keep It Simple)

Once you are familiar with our products, it’s time to decide which level of customization makes sense for you. Remember, there’s no wrong way to do it and we have successful customers selling stock products, semi-custom, and fully-custom at all levels of retail.

Pick the option that works best for you:

  1. Stock Products: This is by far the most popular and affordable route. Find one of our hundreds of stock products that meets your needs, place an order (no minimums), add ingredients if you’d like, and then fill into retail-size packaging in your own home or facility. Order directly from our website.
  2. Semi-Customize Stock Products: If you’d like to add a favorite essential oil or fragrance oil to make a product fit in with your brand, go with semi-custom. We’ve tested ideal scent levels with various products and for a fee of $50, we’ll handle the messy mixing part. You cover the additional ingredient(s) and base product costs. If you’d like to create a semi-custom product, please contact our Customer Service Team at info@ewlnatural.com or 866-252-9639.
  3. Fully Custom Products: If you have a little more time and a slightly larger budget, and want a completely unique product, we have a lab ready to create a fully-custom product for you. This is ideal for people who understand their target audience, market, and specific ingredient requirements and have a clear vision in mind. This can be useful if:
    1. You have half a recipe and it’s just not working
    2. You want to start from scratch to create the texture, effects, and ingredient deck of your choosing
    3. We do some reverse formulations if you have found the “perfect product” but want to make it your own
    4. There is a minimum for all custom orders and development includes 5 rounds of prototypes in our lab to nail down the perfect formula. To get started please contact our Customer Service Team at info@ewlnatural.com or 866-252-9639.
  4. Custom Filling & Packaging: if you want to avoid the hassle of filling each little container and applying uneven labels, let our professional team take care of it. This service is available for both stock products and custom formulation. You source the packaging and labels, and we’ll accurately fill, package, and expertly label each item and prepare them for shipping. You can get the process started by contacting our Customer Service Team at info@ewlnatural.com or 866-252-9639.
  5. Ready to Label: The easiest way to enter the market. Retail-sized packs of 6 or 12 containers, unlabeled and waiting for your branding. The only thing that’s missing is your label--these products are already loved by customers and simply need your creative eye. Customers have great success with these at seasonal and local markets, on Amazon, for trial runs, and as wedding or party favors. Order off our website with no minimum quantities.


Step 4: Create An Account & Place An Order

Next up is to create an account and place an order. With low minimums on custom formulation and no minimums on stock products, it’s easier than you think to start your own skin or hair care brand.


Step 5: Grow Your Business

If you’re still looking for guidance on things like choosing a hero product, customizing a base, or anything else, check out our Learning Library full of ingredient highlights, market trends, business advice, and DIY recipes.